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For most of our guests, we don’t even need to post House Rules… as many of these rules are basic common sense.  However, our insurance carrier mandates that we get a commitment from each Guest that they’ll abide by a set list of rules.  The goal of all insurance companies is to minimize their exposure to risk, and therefore limit insurance claims.  They insist that we follow all guidelines to prevent fire claims, accident claims, theft claims, etc.  If we don’t follow these mandates set forth by our insurance carrier, we risk cancellation… and that’s certainly something we must avoid.

It’s very important that you, our Guest, understand that we strongly enforce these House Rules in order to maintain compliance with our insurance provider.  Unfortunately, if a guest violates any of these established rules, the reservation will be immediately canceled and no refunds will be offered.  The guest must then vacate the property.  So to avoid this from happening, we take extra measures to insure that our Guest(s) are aware of the rules and we encourage them to share our House Rules with each member of their reservation party.

With that said, here are the House Rules (and a brief explanation of each):

As a Guest of Sandy Investment Properties, LLC (d/b/a St Joseph at the property indicated above, I understand the following House Rules shall apply to me and all members of my party.

1. I agree to refrain from smoking or vaping of any kind inside the property. Furthermore, I agree and understand that any violation of this policy will result in a $350 additional charge and immediate cancellation of my reservation.

2. No pets of any kind are allowed on or in the property (inside or outside).

3. No open flames (candles, lighters, etc). are allowed to be lit inside the property.  Any outdoor grilling must be done at least 10′ away from any structure, building, deck, etc.

4. I understand that any form of marijuana or THC can leave a residual odor offensive to some people. Therefore, I agree to refrain from opening any type of container or packaging of marijuana or THC while inside the property. I also agree to refrain from burning or smoking marijuana or THC on the deck, patio or porch if the drifting smell could be noticed by neighbors or other guests. Under NO circumstances may marijuana be smoked or burned while inside of the property. Furthermore, I agree and understand that any violation of this policy will result in a $350 additional charge.

5. READ THIS:  No guests, other than those specifically listed on the Guest Registration Card, may occupy the property at any time. No parties, social gatherings, reunions, non-guest (unregistered) visitors, etc.  Maximum of 2 persons in a one-bedroom property, 4 persons in a two-bedroom property, 6 persons in a three-bedroom property at any time (including children). ALL must be listed on Guest Registration Card per insurance requirements.  The reason for this is because every person who sets foot on the property is a potential risk for the insurance company.  This is an important mandate required by our insurance carrier.  IMPORTANT:  3rd party reservations are not allowed.  Only the person who whose name is on the reservation will be allowed to check in… and this person must be staying at the property.   In other words,  you cannot make a reservation for someone else (a third-party reservation).  If the reservation is in your name, you must be the person checking in and using the reservation.

6. Only the beds in the bedrooms may be used for overnight sleeping. The sofa may not be used as a bed. Air mattresses are not permitted in the property. Insurance says that the property must not be used in any manner except for which it was intended when it was built.  To use the sofa for sleeping, or to use an air mattress in the living room, thereby creates the situation whereby the living room is now being used as a bedroom.  Insurance doesn’t allow this.

7. The thermostat shall be set within the range of 68 degrees to 74 degrees at all times. All windows/doors (including storm doors and storm windows) shall be kept closed while the air conditioning/heating units are in operation.

8. No appliance or piece of furniture may be used for any purpose other than the purpose it is intended by the manufacturer.

9. Cigarette butts or other trash may not be thrown or disposed of in the lawn.

10. Up to two vehicles are allowed in the parking area, and both vehicles (if two) must be parked in the two parking spots assigned to the unit. Up to three vehicles may be parked at the 1602 South 38th Street location. Absolutely no parking on the lawn or sidewalks, or any portion thereof.

We hope you understand that we work very hard to maintain our properties.  Please do not do anything that would damage our properties or contents.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Guest(s) understand that violation of any of these policies shall result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation and Guest shall forfeit any and all payments and/or deposits paid to Sandy Investment Properties LLC, AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, Expedia, or any other entity in receipt of the reservation payment. In addition, Guest expressly agrees to pay for any repairs, property damage, additional cleaning and/or odor removal that may result from my violation of these policies, neglect, disrespect or otherwise.

Guest understands that Sandy Investment Properties, LLC is required to promptly notify law enforcement of any illegal substances found or known to be on the property. Guest also understands that video surveillance is in operation on the parking areas, garage (if any) and exterior of the property only. Absolutely NO video surveillance or recording devices are installed in the living or private areas of the property. If Guest disables, or attempts to disable or impair, any smoke detectors, smoking detectors, video security, security systems, wifi, or any other device intended to secure the property and protect the property owner, the reservation will be immediately canceled and no refunds will be given.

Guest(s) EXPRESSLY hereby AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Sandy Investment Properties, LLC from any loss, liability, injury, damage, or costs, including court costs and attorney fees, that they may incur due to Guest’s participation in renting, whether caused by negligence of Sandy Investment Properties, LLC or otherwise. Guest accepts FULL responsibility for their own safety and security and the safety of any members of my family/party while on any premises owned by Sandy Investment Properties, LLC.

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