About Us

WE LOVE HOSTING VISITORS TO ST. JOSEPH, MO!  Even from the beginning, we’ve been awarded SuperHost status from AirBNB, and we consistently receive exceptional 5-star ratings from AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway and Expedia!  No other short-term rental host in the entire area has had more satisfied guests as we have here at St Joseph Lodging!

St Joseph Lodging is a extension of Sandy Investment Properties, LLC.  David Sandy has owned and maintained wonderful residential rentals in St. Joseph for over three decades.  It all started with his purchase of one duplex, and then over the next few years, quickly grew to multiple properties on the northeast and east sides of St. Joseph.  He’s never used a third-party property manager or management company.  On the contrary, he believes that no one else will take care of his properties with the attention for detail like he does himself.

In 2017, David slowly began converting some of his properties to short-term, furnished corporate rentals.  The emphasis he insists on includes cleanliness, comfort, and convenience for his guests.  He enjoys meeting and hosting visitors to St. Joseph, whether they’re here for business, family or vacation.

He and his partner, Lance Rich, have remained “hands-on” in the management, maintenance, cleaning and booking of all over their 14 short-term rental properties here in St. Joseph, Mo.

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