Guest Check-Out Checklist

Dear Guest,

Thank you VERY MUCH for choosing one of our properties for your extended stay here in St. Joseph!  In order to keep our nightly lodging rates as low as possible (considerably lower than local hotels), we ask that you help us minimize our turn-over and cleaning costs between guests.  As a part of your original reservation, you were charged only $40-$75 (for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom property, depending on length of stay) or $60-$100 (for a three-bedroom property, depending on length of stay) as a “turn-over” fee (this includes changing all of the linens, sanitizing and disinfecting all touch surfaces, spot cleaning, etc. (turn-over charge is slightly higher for longer term stays).   Many Short-Term Rentals (AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) charge anywhere from $150 to $300 per reservation as a cleaning fee.  We avoid charging our guests a higher fee because we ask them to leave the unit clean and restored to the same condition it was upon check-in (with the exception of laundering the bedding, towels, linens, etc.).

Leaving the property in the same condition as you found it will avoid you getting charged any extra cleaning fees.  If extra cleaning is required, our cleaning service charges $75/hour.

Here is a checklist of items to be cleaned along with some reminders:


– Refrigerator/freezer emptied and cleaned
– Kitchen table & placemats cleaned
– Microwave interior cleaned
– Microwave glass dish washed
– Stove top & drip pans cleaned
– Used dishes washed (dishwasher, if any, started prior to leaving… you don’t need to put the clean dishes away)
– Check for crumbs and debris in silverware tray
– Kitchen floor swept and/or mopped
– Coffee maker emptied and cleaned
– Trash gathered and left in kitchen near refrigerator
– Kitchen sink/faucet/sprayer cleaned
– All kitchen counters wiped down and cleaned


– Trash can emptied into garbage bag in kitchen
– Check under sofa cushions for personal items
– Furniture dusted
– Vacuum carpets
– Check coat closet for forgotten personal items


– Sheets & blankets stripped and placed in a pile on the floor
– Furniture dusted
– Check dresser drawers for any items left behind
– Empty trash can into garbage bag in kitchen
– Check under bed for items left behind
– Vacuum carpets


– Bathtub cleaned (hair, soap scum, etc removed)
– Bathroom sink & vanity area cleaned
– Toilet seat (underside and top), toilet rim & toilet bowl cleaned
– Floor swept and mopped (if necessary) including area around toilet
– Trash emptied into garbage bag in kitchen
– Vanity mirror cleaned


– Insure all sets of keys are hanging by front door
– Front porch area is free of trash and debris
– Deck/patio area free of personal items
– Deck/patio furniture back where it belongs
– Windows & storm windows closed (if opened)

IMPORTANT:  If any piece of furniture, flooring, carpet, countertop, etc has any type of stain, soiling or damage, DO NOT try to fix/clean this yourself without consulting with us in advance.  This includes engaging the services of a repairman, cleaning company, carpet cleaner, etc.  We have repair and cleaning materials that are safe to use on most of our items.  We want to avoid the possibility of a Guest causing irreparable damage to the item(s).  In particular, do not use common household cleaners on the carpeting.  We have specialized cleaning solutions for carpet and flooring depending on the type of stain or soiling.  Any costs of damage or cleaning will be charged to the Guest as stated in your reservation agreement.

Remember, we’ll take care of laundry, making beds, folding linens, etc. Any additional cleaning charges, if necessary, will be billed to your original form of payment.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!  WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

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